While for-free events are free for attendees, they still have a cost to organise: location, food, drinks, marketing, materials etc. We are only able to make this happen through volunteers (both event helpers and speakers) and through event sponsors.

We will be having 3 levels of sponsorship:

Grillmeister: 0 of 1 slots available SOLD OUT

Bratwurst: 0 of 3 slots available SOLD OUT

Bier: 2 of 10 slots available  SOLD OUT

If you are interested in sponsoring SQLGrillen 2018 full sponsor details can be downloaded here:

“Grillmeister” Sponsors 2018

The amazing people at Solisyon have stepped up as platinum “Grillmeister” sponsors for the second time for SQLGrillen 2018! THANKS SOLISYON!


“Bratwurst” Sponsors 2018

“Bier” Sponsors 2018

Foundation Sponsors