Demos and Slides

Here is the overview of downloads as supplied by the speakers for SQLGrillen 2017:

Rob Sewell: Green is Good, Red is Bad. Turning your Checklists into Pester Tests

Matija Lah: SQL Server 2016 Memory Optimized Data Exchange

Johan Brattås: Azure IoT Hub & Stream Analytics

Gabi Münster & Björn Peters: Azure Analyis mit Azure Automation

Enrico van de Laar: Analyze SQL Server Performance Through the Query Store

Dejan Sarka: Design Myths

Dejan Dular: Window Functions are your Friends

Ben Weissman: Mehr Anwendungsfälle für BIML

Alexander Klein: Azure ML vs Cognitive Services Recommendations

Gianluca Sartori: SQL Server Infernals. Wort Practics in Action

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Thomas Hütter: Du hast R installiert, und was jetzt?

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Chrissy LeMaire & Cláudio Silva: Modern Database Administration using PowerShell and dbatools

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Steph Locke: Failing My Way to Success in Azure

Alex Whittles: Business Intelligence in Azure

Regis Baccaro: Kerberos for BI

Uwe Ricken: Temporal Tables – Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen

Denny Cherry: Maintaining Cloud Deployments – Securability, Reliability and Scalability

Stacia Varga: Where does R fit into your SQL Server stack?

Tomaž Kastrun: Data Science with SQL Server 2016 for Beginners