SQLGrillen 2017 Details

SQLGrillen 2017

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” Robert Burns

The original plan for SQLGrillen 2017 was to have 2 tracks with 7 sessions each, but that wouldn’t be much growth for an already successful event. The venue owner stated that there was a third room available, but that was the absolute maximum capacity that could be offered. Fantastic! 21 sessions vs. SQLGrillen 2016’s 10, that is a health doubling of sessions.

However, our call for speakers for SQLGrillen 2017 was so successful that we had over 130 session submissions. This left us with a problem: how to choose the best 21 sessions from a huge pile of fantastic sessions.

After much deliberation, it became clear that 21 sessions just wasn’t possible. We’d have to turn down too many good sessions. This is where we went, hat-in-hand, to the venue owners pleading for more capacity. After much hemming and hawing, we managed to convince the venue owner to give us a 4th room, evicting a co-working space for the day(!) to enable our event to take on a much needed extra-extra track.

This meant that we were able to accept a further 7 sessions from the 130 submissions. Now that might not sound like much, and we still had to turn down a lot of fantastic sessions, but we were able to accept 7 sessions that would have otherwise stayed away.

Now, enough of my jibber-jabber, lets see who we have as speakers for SQLGrillen 2017 (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Bertrand Dejan Sarka Johan Ludvig Brattås Rob Sewell
Alex Whittles Dejan Dular John Martin Stacia Varga
Alex Yates Denny Cherry Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen Steph Locke
Alexander Klein Enrico van de Laar Matija Lah Thomas Hütter
André Kamman Frank Geisler Mladen Prajdić Tobiasz Koprowski
Ben Weissman Gabi Münster & Björn Peters Prathy Kamasani Tomaž Kaštrun
Chrissy LeMaire & Cláudio Silva Gianluca Sartori Regis Baccaro Uwe Ricken

The full agenda can be found on the Agenda page