Kerberos for BI

Have you ever seen this message: Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
Have you ever witnessed Kerberos mentioned in a conversation – or in a forum – and seen developers shiver, sysadmins crawl back under their rock and project managers fear for the consumed hours ?
Have you ever wondered why it seems so complicated ?
If you answered yes to any of these question then this demo-packed session is for you.
Because Kerberos is something that anyone who must deploy SQL Server wishes they didn’t have to worry about. It truly affects all aspects of SQL Server including the engine, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, SharePoint and PowerPivot. Furthermore we will have a close look at how to diagnose problems and troubleshoot the three-headed beast when it breaks loose.
This session is based on many hours spent sweating in setting up Kerberos in BI and SharePoint environments and explaining support people how to troubleshoot and fix Kerberos issues when they arise.

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Regis Baccaro

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