Analyze SQL Server performance through the Query Store

With the introduction of the Query Store feature in SQL Server 2016 analyzing query performance became a whole lot easier for everyone. But where does the Query Store record it’s wealth of query performance metrics, and how can we access it? In this session we will focus on retrieving, interpreting and visualizing the data inside the Query Store.

Not only will we look at the built-in reports the Query Store provides by default for analyzing query performance, we will also explore alternative methods, like custom performance dashboards, the sp_WhatsupQueryStore stored procedure or replaying a query workload through the Query Store Replay script. We will use all these different tools and methods in real-world use cases, for example, to minimize the performance impact of changing database compatibility levels.

After this session you will have all the information you need to leverage the power of the Query Store for analyzing query performance, minimizing the impact of database migrations and develop your own, custom, Query Store solutions.

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Track 4
Enrico van de Laar

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